Think global - Act global - from protest to resistance (en)


We would like to use the framework of the 2nd European Social Forum, which takes place between the 12th and 16th of November in Paris, for the exchange of ideas between European radical leftists, concerning the state and the future of confrontative and anti-kapitalist politics.

Additional to an exchange, we would like to creat common concepts of how to be more effective in the future. We believe that the radical left, whose aim is a radical departure from current conditions, is lacking in common stratigies. The summits of the last few years were marked by the differences in strategies for resistance. After Seattle militance and confrontation were central to the perception of the movement. We mobilised to Göteburg, in order to visually represent the radical left and to force international cooperation. Following the confrontation in Göteburg, the local left suffered repression and was pulled apart. We saw Genoa as the strengthening of confrontation and the answer to repression. After Genoa there was no statement about the actions of the black block, since the later was not more than a short type of Revolt, without group names, slogans or requests. Others, who distanced themselves from the black block, gave explanations about opposition to neoliberal capitalism. The majority of people, who wanted to join the movement, identified with these. At the same time the Disobbediente (ex-Tute Bianche) showed up, pionering a new form of action. At the summit in Copenhagen resistance was shown through symbolic confrontation, which had very little effect. In Evian and Cancun the movement has gone back to the use of direct action, however, especially in Evian there was little coordination between leftist groups. We see the necessity to resist and believe that one of the tools is confrontation. We have realized that the black block, as it exists today, is not our point of orientation at summits. On the other hand, we oppose the non-confrontative presentation of evils, the pleas to the decisionmakers, the hope that own arguments will be used by the convinced administrators of capitalism. Together with you, we want to creat a confrontative and also inclusive politics that creats the possibility of political influence and works. It is obvious that the possibility for confrontative politics differs from country to country. We think that the goups can explain these to foreign groups, so that the frames for possible action become clearer.

For the discussion, we would like to split the event in three blocks. We have created leading questions for the first block, to which the groups should prepare their main points and present these in approximately 15 minutes. In the second block the Concept of the Disobediente will be introduced and discussed, as we believe that their concept is calling the most attention to itself at the moment, and confrontation figures high in it. Which parts of the concept are the most interesting for us? What kind of criticism to it is there? The third block will deal with perspectives and possibilities for joint action, interaction and further cooperation. We will have a concrete suggestion for this. Of course own suggestions are very wellcome. The event shall be an open discussion- not a podum discussion. On Saturday the 15th of Novemeber we would like to join together in a block with you.